Saturday, January 17, 2009

Chuck and Lisa plus 4

Suddenly we went from a house of three to a house of seven. My dd and her two sons have moved home again, therefore I have had no time to myself. I really don't know how women with young children have anytime to scrap. Don't get me wrong I absolutely love getting to spend more time with the boys and Nicole. Nicole doesn't have a drivers license and this means that Nathan my ds and I are the taxi drivers to and from bluestem schools twice daily for a grand total of 250 miles a week eek! Then when you add in Dentist appts and basketball practice oh my gosh it seems like we never get out of the car!!

She is a Para at Bluestem middle school and is in the process of transferring to Andover school system Yeah! She also is enrolled at BCCC for night classes (makes mommy proud to have both my kiddos in college). I believe she is really ready to grow up and turn her life around (prayers needed).

Jordan is 6 and loves basketball and video games. Cooper is 4 and loves anything his big brother has or does.

Thank goodness Crop-a-Ganza is just a few weeks away!

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