Sunday, September 14, 2008

Home again

I survived my second cropaganza. I even managed to stay up most of the night Saturday, I only slept 4 hours whoo hoo! What a great bunch of women to hang out with, especially my new friends: Emily, Jen (30 some pages!!!), Keri (so yummy um food that is), Traci , Liz , Julie and Heather (angel from KC).

I never would have been brave enough to go to my first CAG in June if it weren't for Chelle. She encouraged me to go and let me sit with her and her posse. I was so grateful for her kindness. So I was really sad that she couldn't come this time, but glad she came up and paid a visit last night.

Turns out the little stuffy nose I had this morning is not allergies but a kick a$% cold. I feel like crap right now. So I think I will call it a day.

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